DIY: Laundry Tub Skirt

I did two things – I glued a decorative wood medallion that I painted white to the front and made a skirt to go around the tub to hide the legs. The skirt also provides me with a place to hide my cats litter box.

I made the skirt in two sections so there would be an opening in the front for my cat to get through.  I put the loop side of sticky back Velcro to the bottom edge of the tub and the other smooth side of the Velcro to the top edge on on the back of the skirt.

I simply remove it when it needs to be washed and put it back on. 

The best part – it hides the litter box.   For the photo I moved the litter box out so you can see it, but it fits perfectly under the tub.   My cat has no problem getting in or out where the two pieces of the skirt meet.


How to Make The Pleated Skirt

You will need:


  • Fabric
  • Sticky back Velcro
  • Thread
  • Straight pins
  • Iron
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors

1.  Measure the height:  Floor to the bottom edge of the tub, add 1′ for bottom hem and 1″ for top hem. For width – measure around the tub and triple the measurement.  Cut fabric to size.

2.  Hem all raw edges of fabric.  

3. To pleat top edge.  Make a simple 1-inch pleat in the fabric and pin. Continue pleating and pinning along the top edge and then sew pleats in place.

To make a pleat – fold the fabric like shown below and pin. 

3. Decide where you want the skirt to be open and cut your fabric in half to create two separate skirts  Hem cut edges. Attach the Velcro along the top edge on the back side of the skirts.    If you are sewing – you can re-enforce the sticky back by sewing the Velcro on.

Your finished skirt should look like this.  Hems or finished edges all around.  Pleats on top and Velcro attached to the top back side.

No-Sew Version

I sewed the skirt I made, but for non sewers – you can still easily make a skirt to go around your tub. The only difference will be that you won’t be able to make the skirt pleated. The no-sew version will be flat and smooth.   The measurements will be the same, but you will not need to double the width measurement.  To make the hems – use iron-on fusible web tape or fabric glue. Attach to the tub with sticky back Velcro.

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