DIY Chalkboard Buffet Labels

These chalkboard buffet labels make a great addition to my stash of party supplies (I like to keep a few things on hand for throwing get-togethers in each season). This DIY project is great because I made it once and can reuse it for all kinds of occasions (birthday parties, neighborhood barbecues, wine and cheese parties). Bonus: You don’t need a printer to create the labels.

Keep reading to see the instructions to make your own.

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glue gun wood rounds


  • wooden plaques (They have a variety of these at your local craft store.)
  • chalkboard spray paint
  • small dowels
  • masking tape
  • hot glue gun


wood plaque masking tape

Step 1: Using the masking tape, carefully frame the top rectangular portion of the plaque. Remember that any spot you don’t tape will be covered in chalkboard paint. Make sure to press down firmly to eliminate holes that might allow paint in.

wood plaques masking tape

Step 2: After carefully taping them down, place them on some newspaper or kraft paper in a well ventilated area.

wood plaques chalkboard spray paint

Step 3: Coat them with an even spray of chalkboard paint. Allow to dry for about an hour.

wood plaque chalkboard paint tape

Step 4: Carefully peel off the tape.

wood plaque dowel

Step 5: Place a bit of hot glue on the round end of the dowel and lean it against the back of the plaque so it stands up nicely. This part is a little tricky to get right. If you get frustrated making this work, you can always skip this step and simply lean the plaques up against your platters on the table.

mini chalkboard food labels

Step 6: Write on your pretty new buffet labels with chalk and use them at your next party.

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