DIY: Patriotic Dishtowel Apron

Need an easy and frugal hostess gift for the 4th?  Or just whip one up for yourself to sport the red and blue while you’re cooking up a feast. 

Use this simple method for any occasion with inexpensive dishtowels!



  • 2 dish towels in red and blue color scheme (I got mine at Dollar Tree)
  • Spool of 1.5” ribbon




Begin by cutting out a 6” x 9” rectangle from the blue towel


Place it in the top left corner of the red towel and pin in place


Using a zig zag stitch, join the two pieces together


Cut the 2 ribbons to your suited length.  I cut mine at 36”.  I like a long ribbon tail.

Attach one ribbon to the side of the top of the apron.  Fold a small part of the ribbon under and pin in place


Use a zig zag stitch in a square pattern to attach.  Repeat with the other/ribbon side


Have a festive Fourth of July with your family and friends

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