How to Tie Dye at Home (the Right Way)


Confession: I’ve always wanted to have a “Mom & Me” matching outfit. Maybe not an EXTREME matching outfit, but I’ve longed for the days when my daughter and I will be wearing some sort of matching item. One article of clothing we are ALWAYS wearing around the house is socks. We love our socks in my family, so I decided to bring back the seventies with all that tie-dying action and make it work for a new pair of socks for me and the little miss. Remember tie dyeing when you were younger? I do, and I remember it being a big ordeal. It turns out, it’s so much easier than I remember. Here’s how to tie dye at home, and how we had a blast dyeing these tie dye socks together.

white socks fabric dye straws


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rolling socks with straws

Step 1: Place two socks next to each other and place two straws on top.

rolling socks around straws

Step 2: Gently roll the socks around the straws.

adding rubber bands to socks to prepare for tie dye

Step 3: Once the socks are rolled, scrunch them up and wrap three or four rubber bands in different directions to help keep things nice and tight.

placing socks in tinfoil pan before adding dye adding tie dye to socks

Step 4: Add some powdered dye into each squeeze bottle and fill with ¾ cup of water. Place the squeeze bottle cap back on, and shake the bottle well to mix the dye and water.

Step 5: Add the dye to the socks. We chose to make our matching pair just pink and blue. To get a “Shibori” effect, add the dye in blocks. Start at one end and squeeze a little bit of dye onto the fabric. Move over an inch or two and add a different color dye. Move over another inch or so and then add a third color, or a repeat of the first.

socks rolled up with tie dye

Step 6: Be sure you’ve added the dye all the way around the socks. Use the straws to rotate the socks to help keep little hands dye free.

Step 7: Wait one hour (longer for more saturated colors on the fabrics).

rinsing tie dyed socks in kitchen sink

Step 8: Rinse the color from the socks in hot water until the water runs clear. Gently wring the socks out and cut the rubber bands off.

Step 9: Run the socks through the wash on the hottest cycle. Wash and dry them separately for the first few washes to avoid any color bleeding.

blue and pink tie dyed socks on mom and toddler

Step 10: Put those socks on and walk around the house admiring your cute and matching feet!

mom and toddler matching tie dye socks

You can totally match your toddler in a non-tacky, non-cheesy way. Tie dye for the win!

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