DIY Milk Carton Houses

Teach your kids the importance of recycling by reusing milk cartons to create cool playhouses for small toys. When not in use, these miniature milk carton houses serve as decorative objects on a bookshelf, etc.

This craft project is one that kids will really enjoy making, and it will keep them busy for several hours, when you account for drying times.

supplies for milk carton house DIY


  • White gesso
  • Acrylic craft paint in various colors
  • Foam brush or paintbrush
  • Black permanent marker
  • Empty milk cartons and/or creamer containers

DIY milk carton house


Step 1: Paint 3-4 layers of gesso on each side (and top) of a milk carton. Let the gesso dry fully in between coats.

DIY milk carton house

Step 2: Next, paint a door by adding a rectangle at the bottom center of one side.

painted milk carton playhouse for toys

Step 3: Then, add windows. Again, all you need are simple rectangles. Set aside and let dry.

DIY milk carton house

Step 4: Paint the top of the carton to create a roof. Let dry.

DIY milk carton house

Step 5: Once the paint is completely dry, outline the door, windows, and roof with a marker. Add any additional details, like a doorknob and roof shingles.

how to make a milk carton house    DIY // make a milk carton housepainted-milk-carton-houses-finished

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