Winter YouTube videos for kids

10 Winter YouTube Videos for Kids to Watch on Snowy Days

Cold snowy days may keep kids inside but these fun and sometimes educational videos will keep little ones entertained. These videos are fun and educational and teach kids about winter weather, winter animals and more.

Hey! Guess What teaches children about the winter season in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.


Join the Wild Kratts on an adventure to discover animals that thrive in cold climates.


Nat Geo Kids takes kids to Antartica to explore the coldest continent on the planet.

Kids will love this Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes song about snow.


This collection of winter stories from Highlights High Five engages young readers with winter themed read-a-long stories.


SciShow Kids takes kids to the far north to meet some amazing animals that live for the cold.
Cool School teaches kids about the history of skiing, sledding, ice skating, and other winter activities.


Sesame Street: Bert is All Dressed Up for Winter

Sesame Street always offers entertaining ways for kids to learn. Bert teaches us how to dress appropriately for the winter weather.

SciShow Kids teaches kids all about how animals stay warm during the winters, with their natural cozy coats and the other awesome tricks they use to make it through the cold conditions!


How To Draw A Winter Landscape

Art for Kids Hub offers a simple and easy t0 follow tutorial for kids about how to draw a winter landscape.
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