“Produce Art” Three Ways

And we’re not just talking about painting still lives.  Today we’ve got three of our favorite techniques for using fruits and veggies to create something beautiful with your little ones.  First up is a playtime classic: potato stamping.  Ever try it as a kid?  Hello Sandwich shows us how easy it is to achieve a lovely geographic print with lots of color and texture variation.

This second project is almost more science than art and it’s one kids of all ages will love.  Not only does Rachelle over at TinkerLab walk you through the process of making your own super-secret-spy ink, she also provides you with a handy printable recipe card.  Head over and check it out.

Finally, bigger kids will have lots of fun experimenting with natural dyes made from fruit and vegetable juices.  Project possibilities include clothing, linens, and totes.  Head over to Scoutiegirl for information on how to create natural dyes out of pretty much any dark colored fruit or vegetable.

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