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Best Tips To Help Your Autistic Child Talk

Many autistic kids have trouble communicating and expressing themselves. However, this does not mean they can’t learn to talk or improve their communication skills. With a bit of motivation and some help from you, your autistic child can also learn how to talk. You might not see the results immediately, but with constant practice and reminders, they can speak over time.

1. Create the apt environment

A calm and stress-free environment plays a vital role in helping an autistic child learn how to talk. Thus, first and foremost, make sure to create a comfortable and calming space for autistic kids by removing all the things that can either distract them or they are sensitive to. Another essential thing to remember is to keep the child stress-free during the process. Otherwise, they will have trouble absorbing new information and learning new things.

2. Use visual aids

Helping autistic child to talk
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Visual aids can prove helpful in helping an autistic child to talk. To help autistic kids to communicate, use pictures of different emotions and situations and name them. You can even create a timetable for different activities with stickers like bathing, sleeping, eating, playing, etc. Every time they have to follow the timetable, simply point at the sticker and say the word. This will help the child associate the word with the activity, and they will try to learn it. Similarly, you can teach some sign language to help them communicate effectively.

3. Use easy language

When starting with words, use easy and simple words. Refrain from using complicated words as they will have difficulty learning them initially. Also, autistic kids won’t be able to learn the new word the first time. You will have to repeat the same word many times during the day in different ways to help them understand its usage and meaning.

While using the word, encourage your child to repeat it after you every time. This will speed up their learning process and help them learn the words quickly. Once your kid is comfortable communicating with small words, you can use big words or small sentences to see their reaction.

4. Encourage social interactions

Do this only if your child is comfortable. Social interactions are crucial for language development. Take your kid to play dates or group activities to interact with peers. Your kiddo may hesitate initially, but be patient and encourage your kid to talk however they want. Offer plenty of exposure to your kiddo in terms of listening, learning, and talking whenever possible while keeping their comfort in mind.

5. Take kid’s interest into consideration

Helping autistic child to talk
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If your child loves playing with cards, balls, or any block, use them to your advantage. For instance, if your kid loves a blue ball, let them play for the day, then keep it out of their reach. When your kiddo asks for the ball the next day, tell them the word for it. Repeat the process for a few days with their favorite objects. This will motivate your child to speak. Kids tend to listen more attentively when you teach with their favorite things. Thus, it would be best to use their favorite things to teach them to talk.

Most importantly, seek professional help to help your autistic child talk if you see no progress. Parents, the process might be tedious, but be patient, supportive, and encourage your kid to talk. They will gradually speak the words at their own pace. Give them time, and they will talk, whether verbally or with signs. Just don’t give up!

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