Sibling bond
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5 Ways To Foster Strong Sibling Bond

Do your kids always fight with each other? Do you always end up being the referee in their fight, which often ends in tears? Are you worried whether the sibling’s dynamics will change or remain the same forever? We got you. As a parent, you wish your kids to enjoy each other company and have each other’s back. We have some tips that can help foster a strong and lasting sibling bond between your kids. 

1. Do Not Ever Compare Your Kids

sibling bond
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One of the main reasons for sibling rivalry is comparison, which parents do most of the time. Comparison builds resentment and negativity towards their brother or sister. Your kids will always find good and bad ways to be better than their siblings, just to get your appreciation. So, do not ever compare your kids with each other. Every kid is different and has unique abilities. Appreciate them and accept them for who they are. 

2. Understand Their Frustration 

Most of the time, the siblings fight as they can’t agree on one particular thing. So, try to find activities that play to both of their strengths. For example, if both of your kids love to color but the older one wants to color books while the younger one wants to color canvas, designate different play areas for them. This way both can colour without fighting with each other. The siblings can even end up fighting if the activities are too difficult to understand or perform. So, always try to understand the reason behind their yelling and fighting and resolve it accordingly.

3. Do Not Refree Their Fights 

The temptation to intervene in between and stop their fights needs to be prevented. Teach them how to manage their conflicts and let the siblings resolve their issues. This way your kids will not blame you for taking sides and will work on their own to negotiate the conflict. However, when kids approach you, listen to them and consider their feelings, but stress the fact that you believe in them and you know they can solve their issues by themselves. 

4. Don’t Interrupt Their Playtime

If you spot your kids playing together in harmony, do not ever disturb them. Instead, support them in whatever way you can to help them continue their play. Do not interrupt unless necessary. It could be one of the rarest moments when your kids are working together to build something, paint something, or try to figure out something, so just watch them from afar and let them bond. Such activities will eventually make them understand that they do enjoy each other’s company and they don’t have to fight all the time over every issue. 

5. Always Encourage Them To Work Together 

No matter what the age difference is, make it a point that your kids spend at least 15 minutes of special time together every day. Plan some fun activities that they can enjoy together like swimming, bubble play, or even shaping cookies. This will help in fostering a strong bond between the kids. Always encourage them to work together, like asking them to make bed together, helping each other in getting ready, packing lunch boxes, getting grocery bags, or anything where they can work as a team to help foster a strong sibling bond.

Do not expect them to become best buddies overnight. Nurturing relationships takes time and patience. So, follow these tips and help your kids foster strong sibling bonds. 

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