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6 Halloween Treats That Kids Will Love

This Halloween get into the spirit of things by making fun, new, festive, and easy-to-make Halloween treats for your kids that they will surely love. Best of all, these recipes are so simple that even kids can help you in the kitchen. Want to know about these recipes? Let’s get started. 

1. Apple Nachos 

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Kids love nachos and so do adults. But giving them the normal nachos may not be a healthy idea. Instead, add a twist to the nachos plate by making apple nachos. Slice the apples in any shape you want and ask your little ones to get creative and garnish their plate with scary candy eyeballs, malted chocolates, and so on. The plate will be licked clean within minutes for sure. 

2. Spider Web Taco Dip 

This taco dip will come together in minutes and will surely be a hit at your Halloween party. Take fresh avocado, scoop the avocado flesh, and put it in the blender along with lime juice, sour cream, coriander, and salt. And your dip is ready to be served. Place the dip in a bowl, make spider web with sour cream, and garnish it with tomatoes, olives, cheese, onion, or any other topping of your kid’s choice. 

3. Halloween Pretzels 

Get your kids involved while making chocolate-covered Halloween pretzels. It’s as easy as it sounds. Simply melt different types of chocolate chips or bars and dip pretzels in them. Your kids can get creative with the dipping. Instead of covering complete pretzels in dark chocolate, they can cover a third of the pretzel in dark chocolate, a third in white, and the remaining in milk chocolate. To make it spooky, add edible eyes to the pretzels and leave it to set before consuming. 

4. Halloween Candy Bark 

Here is another five-minute Halloween recipe that your kids will love. Simply melt dark chocolate or any chocolate of your kid’s choice, and spread it in a thin layer on a baking sheet. Let your kids add candies, rainbow sparkles, google eyes, and candy bones to make it spooky. Allow the chocolate to cool down for at least 2 hours. Once firm, ask your kids to break it into bite-size pieces. 

5. Cake Pops

You can make so many spooky variations with cake pops. Mix in cakes, cookies, and melted chocolate together, roll the mixture into balls, and place them on sticks. Now, dip these balls into melted chocolates and play with the decorations. You can add scary eyes with veins, monster eyes, attach chocolate legs, and so on for added fun. 

6. Monster Sandwich Cookies

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These monster cookies won’t bite, instead, they will be loved by your kids. Make a sandwich of your kid’s favorite cookies with mascarpone cream or ganache filled in between. Add big marshmallow eyes on top of the cookies and voila! monster cookies are ready. You can even add mini marshmallows in between the cookies to make them look like teeth to give that extra touch of spookiness. 

One of the best parts about Halloween is the variety of sweet treats available for everyone, especially kids. So, get help from those little hands and prepare these easy Halloween treats with them. 

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