Get Him A Father’s Day Gift You Can Enjoy Too

Father’s Day is just around the corner but we have some good news. Good Pair Days have eliminated your yearly Saturday arvo dart to Kmart and the bottle-o.

Father’s Day shopping can suck if we’re being honest, and let’s not even get into trying to choose the perfect drop for him.


Now thanks to Good pair Days’ Father’s Day range, you can pick up a boujee bottle bundle fit with a couple of pairs of funky socks!

The socks, courtesy of Manrags are fancy. We’re talking Egyptian cotton fancy. Fit with fun patterns we know dads everywhere will froth. But no one cares about that. What about the wine you ask?

Well, there are four bundles available, each sporting red wines — because Father’s Day is a red kinda day. There are three different bundles each fit with three bottles of red and three pairs of socks. These range from “special” to “quality” to “classic”. Then there’s a simpler box with one lovely shiraz and one pair of socks.

On top of that, each box comes with special tasting notes, a story behind the winemaker, and food pairings so Dad – or hubby – can pretend he knows things, as they love to do. They’ll even get matching recipes for every bottle.

Whether it’s for your own dad or you’re doing a super sneaky impersonation of your children, we reckon one of these will do the trick.

Good Pair Days are offering up free shipping on these too. Thrifty. Have a browse of all the specials, here.

Who’s got two good feet and loves wine? Dad, we hope.