21 Gen Z Terms Every Parent Should Know

Gen Zers ( kids born after 1995). have a language all their own. It’s true. And if you’re a mom who wants to stay-in-the-know with your pre-teen/teen kid and all of her friends, well then, you must stay on top of these slang terms. You know, so you can sound kind of cool when conversing with this generation, or at least, so you can comprehend just what it really is your kid is really talking about.

Here are some Gen Z terms you are likely to come across (and may not understand, should you ever find yourself taking a peek at your kid’s phone):


What it means: Fancy, nice, good.

“OMG, she is so Gucci, I am jelly.”


What it means: Amazing. Thumbs up.

“Mom, these cookies are fire!”

Hundo P

What is means: 100%, the 100 emoji.

“Yo, hundo p! Agreed, she was totally lying to you.”


What it means: To show something or someone off.

“Girl, I am totally going to flex on my ex tonight!”

And I Oop

What it means: Being surprised by something someone says.

“He hit on me and has a girlfriend and I oop!”


What it means: To be excited. A combo of yes and neat.

“I love the way he looks at me. Yeet!”


What it means: Something very small and cute or very large and cute.

“I watched Total Recall with my mom and Arnold Schwarzenegger was such a smol beast.”


What it means: Low-key is just a little bit, whereas High-key is a lot, intense.

“I am going to high-key it and just tell her what he said.”

Taking the L/Taking the W

What it means: Someone took a loss or taking a win.

“Just take this w and don’t brag about it.”


What it means: (Not just a name). Karen these days often refers to an entitled, irritating mom figure who is a know-it-all.

“Lighten up, my parents will never know we took a beer, Karen (and her name is really Chloe).”

Cap/No Cap

What it means: A lie if you say, “cap.” And no lying if you say “no cap.”

“You cappin! LOL, you totally failed that test.”

Go Ham

What it means: A person is about to go off on another person.

“Ah, man. Just wait. She is going to go all ham over him for kissing another girl.”


What it means: Gossip and drama.

“She is going to spill the tea on Insta.”


What it means: Someone who enjoys the finer things, ballin’.

“Who can afford her and all her boujee?!”


What it means: When you cancel someone/something outta your life.

“I am done with him. I swear, I just want to cancel men.”


What it means: You burn someone who burned you.

“She has total clapback towards Sarah on Snapchat.”


What it means: A fake Instagram account shared with only close friends.

“He has a finsta and hasn’t requested me as a friend yet. And we’ve been dating two weeks!”

Slide Into Their DMs

What it means: Send me something sexual via my social channels.

If you see this, Mom – you better be prepared for a possible dick pic.


What it means: An attractive person good enough to eat.

“Ooh, I could snacc on him all day.”

A Whole Meal/Full-Course Meal

What it means: A possible hookup or at least, hookup material. Not just a snacc that you kiss on.

“I have been saving myself for a whole meal – someone like him.”


What it means: Basically, desperate for someone else’s affection.

“I am so thirsty for Dylan. Does he even know I’m alive?”

And there you have it. Hundo p this is not an extensive list and I’m sure you’re thirsty for more, which is why Google will always be your BFF, Mama!

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