We Dare You Not to Smile Watching This Laughing Baby Learn the Alphabet

An adorable toddler named Winston Moore is delighting Instagram users everywhere after his mom, Kiara posted video footage of him laughing uncontrollably while his dad, Pedro Moore tries to explain the letters of the alphabet, specifically that the letter ‘W’ can be a ‘M’ when flipped over. It’s the cutest laugh heard ’round the world.

The video was seen more than 30,000 times on the private Instagram account that is dedicated to the sweet milestones of Winston as he grows up. But when actress Jennifer Garner shared the video to her Instagram, it blew up and has been viewed more than 1.4 million times.


“That was the first time he laughed to that extreme,” Winston’s mom, told Good Morning America. “He’s very enjoyable, likes to be silly, loves to learn. He’s like a sponge when it comes to learning and anything that involved fun, he’s down for.”

The best part of this amazing video isn’t just the sweet laugh from baby Winston but the representation of a clearly devoted father working with his child to learn something new. Not only that, but we get to see a child having a ton of fun while picking up some critical pre-literacy skills, which will no doubt serve him well as he goes on to string those letters together to read and spell words.

Parents who want to help get their babies and toddlers to develop a love of learning can do it easily by making reading an essential part of every day. Reading to kids at bedtime, pointing out words in real life like at the grocery store or traffic signs, and making fun games out of letters all count toward building up a literacy toolbox that will no doubt boost those reading skills down the road.

It’s important to remember, though, that parents shouldn’t push their kids to learn. Instead, make learning for babies and toddlers all about bonding and connecting, having fun and exploring the world around you. For more ideas on how to incorporate early literacy skills sinto your playtime with your child, check out this list of cool ideas to get involved right away. You’ll find ways to get physically active while engaging the brain at the same time with fun activities like letter hunts, clapping games, and singing and dancing. Reading doesn’t have to be a sit-down-and-be-quiet event – it really can bring out the fun side in any family.

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