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The Best Breastfeeding Videos On The Internet

Breastfeeding videos are an absolute must for anyone trying to learn how to breastfeed. I mean, everyone says how amazing breastfeeding is, how natural, how beneficial — and they’re right — but people tend to gloss over how confusing, frustrating, and exhausting it can be to feed your brand new baby. So it can really help to watch a step-by-step tutorial of how to breastfeed (over and over until it makes sense!).

If you’re struggling to breastfeed, check out this list of super informative and easy to follow breastfeeding videos from seasoned moms and certified lactation consultants. Each one is a great resource, and they cover topics ranging from how to get your baby to latch to the different ways you can hold your baby while breastfeeding. You can do this, Mama!

Latch on. This video may look a little old school, but the animation is a pretty cool way for new moms to see what’s going on inside the baby’s mouth as he latches, where the milk is going, and how to get the best position. The step-by-step guide includes tips on skin-to-skin contact, as well as alignment.

Video: YouTube/Breastfeedingbabies

Football hold. This quick, lactation consultant-led video will show you how to achieve what is commonly called the “football hold,” which is a great one if you are recovering from a C-Section.

Video: YouTube/Readysetbabybook

Side lying hold. This tutorial, led by a certified lactation consultant, teaches moms how to properly position themselves and their baby for a comfortable side lying feed. It even shows you how to switch your baby to the other breast without much moving!

Video: YouTube/DIY Breastfeeding

Latch on. This video offers excellent instruction on getting your baby to latch properly. By using a crocheted breast and baby doll, a certified lactation expert is able to explain the process a bit more slowly, with very clear and in depth tips.

Video: YouTube/Mahalo

Breast compression feeding. If you feel your baby is not taking in enough milk, or that you’re feeding for hours, this video will teach you how to compress your breast while feeding and make the most of each minute of breastfeeding, and shorten your feeding time.

Video: YouTube/Real Baby Milk

Breastfeeding twins. For those moms out there who are learning how to breastfeed two babies at the same time (props!), this mom has a calm demeanor and great tips for how to position your babies for feeding time.

Video: YouTube/Louis Gay

Unlatching. Once you watch this breastfeeding video, it’ll seem crazy that you were ever curious how to unlatch — it just seems so easy! But it’s very important to know how to unlatch correctly, and this is a super simple visual guide.

Video: YouTube/Readysetbabybook

Burping. Though not technically a breastfeeding video, knowing how to burp your baby after the feeding is complete could be the difference between a happy baby and a grumpy one. This video is easy to follow and offers different techniques.

Video: YouTube/Mount Sinai Parenting Center

Low hug hold in a Moby wrap. The Moby wrap can be confusing, especially if you’re trying to breastfeed in it! This video clearly explains how to position the baby within the sling, and how to obtain a good latch.

Video: YouTube/Asobisport

Breastfeeding in an Ergo. Every breastfeeding mom should know how to nurse while her baby is snuggled up in an Ergo. This video shows the nuts and bolts of how it’s done — plus, explains the benefits of feeding your baby in an upright position.

Video: YouTube/CloudMom

Breastfeeding in a Ring Sling. This video shows moms exactly how to put the baby in the ring sling, and then how to adjust it properly for comfortable nursing. Essential for moms who wish to nurse in a sling!

Video: YouTube/DirtyDiaperLaundry

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