How I Pack My Nappy Bag So I’m Ready For Anything

I am a mother of four. I can’t quite believe it, but Sonny was born 10 days ago so it must be true.


Cue the nappy bag…

You’d think after packing a nappy bag for nearly ten years of my life I’d have it all down pat, right? Well, I don’t. BUT I do have the basics that I know I need when I’m out and about with my crew. I’ve included all the items I must have in there when it’s just me and my toddler, preschooler and big kid, PLUS the additional extras I will need for Sonny.

What to Pack in Your Nappy BagWhat to Pack in Your Nappy Bag

Firstly, buy yourself a good-quality nappy bag. The amount of money I’ve spent on cheap ones that didn’t hold up would have paid for a decent one. Make sure it has compartments – lots and lots of compartments!

What I Pack Inside

  1. Nappy change kit. With two still in nappies I will be packing three nappies each, wipes, change mat, nappy bags and nappy cream. You never know when you will need it.
  2. First aid and comfort.  Always pack loads of tissues – they come in handy for wiping noses, spills and hands. I also pack sunscreen, mosquito repellent, Indie’s eczema cream and Band Aids. The Band Aids are usually for my eldest child… boys will be boys! I’ll also tuck a spare dummy in for the baby.
  3. Spare clothes. For Indie (who is two), I pack socks, bib, shirt, pants and hat. Ivie (who is four) has undies, pants, shirt and hat. Depending on the weather I’ll usually change these every season. I only pack cheap clothing in that can stay there all season if needed. For Sonny I will be packing a onesie, singlet, socks, bib and a swaddle.
  4. Food. Honestly with Ivie and Indie snacks are high on our priority list. I pack snacks that Indie can eat which are all gluten-free because she is usually the main culprit when it comes to screaming in the shops. Snacks are such a great distraction. I also pack fruit for all of the kids. For Sonny, I’ll pack a spare bottle and formula.
  5. aquamamma®. Until I’m back to my ‘normal self’ (ahem, is there ever a ‘normal’ after giving birth?), I will continue to drink aquamamma. This drink has been a saviour all through my pregnancy, keeping me hydrated when I’m just not a water drinker. I’ll keep drinking it to make sure I keep up my fluids after the baby’s born (I’ll be recovering from my caesarean, so I need to be particularly mindful about what I eat and drink). aquamamma tastes delicious, but it’s low in sugar, so it’s a great drink for me when I’m on the go. Whatever gets us through, right?

What you pack in your nappy bag can either make or break your whole day. Every week I clean my nappy bag out and make sure I stock up on everything. I’ve been short before and had to ask a stranger for a nappy… ever since then I’ve wanted to be the mum someone asks for a nappy from, not the other way around.

Click here to visit aquamamma and order yours.

What to Pack in Your Nappy Bag

Images: Mel Watts

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