What to Watch: All-Time Best Movies for Family Night In

When it’s cold outside, there’s nothing I’d rather do than stay home and watch movies with my family. Sure, going to the theater is fun, but home has a lot of advantages, like bottomless popcorn, free tickets, and a decent chance that someone will get scared and climb onto my lap (I’m a glutton for snuggling).

Plus, I love the way a great movie brings us together as a family. When the kids are watching their shows, it’s too easy for me to wander away and start doing chores or check email. But if we’re making time for a feature film — especially one I’m excited to share with them for the first time — I’m not going anywhere. I wouldn’t want to miss the looks on their faces! So we dim the lights, fire up the hot cocoa, and enjoy two stress-free hours on the couch.


Looking for inspiration for your next movie night? Here are a few guaranteed-to-please family flicks that are all available on Hulu right now.

Photos: Hulu, where you can stream all of the amazing movies featured in this round-up.