Stocking Stuffers Your Family Won’t Be Able to Resist (Seriously)

It’s stocking stuffer time! I have always loved filling the family’s stockings because they’re such a big part of Christmas morning (and I have a total blast deciding what goes inside!). The truth is, when I was a kid my mom stuffed my stocking with Post It notes and hole punchers, and I actually still like the idea of throwing in a few useful items—just as long as there’s also plenty of chocolate oranges and fun new gadgets to throw in, too!

So, this year, I’ll still do a mix of practical and whimsical, but I’m going to be more creative. Instead of a manual toothbrush, everyone will get an Arm & Hammer Spinbrush because they’re amazing. (I’m also hoping that if Santa promotes dental hygiene, the kids will want to brush their teeth.) For more inspiration, I’ve scoured the internet looking for stocking stuffers for the whole family, and I think I’ve come up with a pretty epic list. Check it out, and start shopping.