Back-to-School Essentials Every Kid Needs No Matter What

It’s time for school again and I am probably more excited than my daughter. I can’t help it! I love back to school shopping, searching for the cutest new clothes and shoes, and then hitting up office supply stores for all the other essentials. I mean, so much has changed since I was a kid. We didn’t have awesome glittery (yet practical) shoes or pens that doubled as highlighters. We had scrunchies and spandex (I still cringe when I look at the pictures), and my pens were basically just pens (boring!). I want my daughter to enjoy the back to school buzz and feel confident, both in her own skin and in the clothes we squeal over at the Gap. That’s why I decided to do a little research and find all the best, most stylish back to school essentials that will help her relax and actually look forward to the fall semester. Check out my top picks.