11 Kids That Are Cooler Than Yours (& Mine)

My kids crack me up and utterly amaze me on a daily basis … but there’s a lot they can’t do. They can’t beatbox. They can’t use nunchucks. They can’t recite the periodic table, or even play the drums. Ugh, how lame! Thankfully, there is the Internet. And while I am posting videos of my 1-year-old *kind of* humming Darth Vadar’s theme song, or my 5-year-old kicking ass on the monkey bars, I can also indulge in a little YouTube rabbit-holing, where I have found some of the coolest kids in existence. Check ’em out.

Check out this 5-year-old boy who has completely memorized the entire nunchaku scene from a Bruce Lee movie. It’s mesmerizing. And his nunchucks look like crayons — how cute is that?!


This little boy jamming out to some Skrillex has serious moves. (I know, because I’ve seen all the Step Up movies). He’s really good — and he’s only a toddler!

This 23-month-old toddler is pretty awesome on the drums. And he looks so focused! Suddenly I’m regretting not getting a drum kit for our tiny Brooklyn apartment … wait, nevermind.

At 3-years-old, this pigtailed blondie can recite the entire periodic table of elements. I want to believe she’s making it up (because there are words I’ve never even heard before), but I’m pretty sure she’s a genius.

Okay, obviously this girl is a teenager and not a little munchkin, but I can’t resist including her. She is completely schooling her dad. I wish I could beatbox like that (or, you know, at all).

I can’t help but want to dance when I watch this awesome little dude. He’s got some great moves, and the facial expressions are too perfect!

Okay, saying that this little girl is “cooler” than mine might be a stretch, but she’s quite the passionate peacemaker when it comes to unifying her recently divorced parents. If only all our kids could be so level-headed.

Maybe this little sweetie isn’t a better singer than my daughter (okay, maybe she is), but this video is completely adorable, complete with paranoid delusions and A+ stage presence.

Of course I love the way this teeny tiny cutie tries to flex his big bad baby muscles, but look at his face every time he does it! Move over, Popeye, there’s a new sheriff in town.

This kid totally owns “Thriller.” All he’s missing is a red leather suit, a glove, and about three hours of zombification in the makeup chair.

Um, check out this pint-sized brainiac. She not only knows all the deets on her home country of India, but the capital of just about every country in the world. Wowza.

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