IVF Miracle: Utah Couple Welcomes Quadruplets

Tyson and Ashley Gardner of Pleasant Grove, Utah, started 2014 not knowing if they’d ever be able to have children. The couple had been unsuccessfully trying to conceive for eight years before turning to in vitro fertilization this year. In July, they went in for an ultrasound, and got the surprise of their lives. A photo of that moment showing the couple holding their ultrasound images and looking shocked went viral: Ashley was pregnant with quadruplets.

Fast-forward to these new parents, who beat odds of one in 70 million when two IFV embryos survived and split (two sets of twins), proudly showing off their four tiny daughters on the Today Show.


The babies arrived via Cesarean Section 12 weeks early this past Sunday, and the couple happily welcomed Indie Mae, Esme Jean, Scarlett Elizabeth, and Evangeline Faith. The smallest girl weight under two pounds, but all four babies were delivered in less than 2 1/2 minutes and are doing well. They will spend the next 10 weeks or so in the neonatal intensive care unit at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, where doctors are cautiously optimistic about their outlook.

There has been so much interest in their story that the Gardners set up a Facebook page and YouTube channel so people could follow along during Ashley’s pregnancy. They decided to share their journey in order to promote infertility awareness. Tyson says he believes there is still a need for information about infertility, and that other couples having trouble conceiving will identify with their story. Fans have sent in many donations to the young couple, including baby clothes and boxes of diapers.

The interest is so great that the family will be featured on an upcoming TLC reality series about first-time parents. But with all of the sudden fame, Ashley and Tyson say they are focused on just one thing: bringing their daughters home and starting their new life as a family of six.

Photo: Getty