5 Signs Your Child Has a Good Teacher

Last year, we weren’t so lucky, so I’ve seen the difference it makes when your child has a good teacher versus a bad one. As a parent I’m inclined to think that because someone is a teacher they are automatically a good teacher, but I’ve seen first hand that that’s not always the case. Like any profession there are great and amazing teachers and a few who aren’t so good.

Sometimes a teacher and student just aren’t the right fit. Some students aren’t going to be successful with any teacher. And then sometimes, a teacher just isn’t good. Here are the 5 ways I know my child has a good teacher.

My child is happy. Even when he’s struggling in a subject, my son comes home from school happy each and every day. With a good teacher, he enjoys learning even when it’s not easy.

His teacher handles his struggles or social conflicts well. From the time my son got accidentally choked by another student to the day he forgot his homework, his teacher always handles challenging situations the way I’d hope she would. I know my son respects that and appreciates a firm, but kind hand.

She is proactive and approachable. On a number of occasions I’ve received a mid-day call from my son’s teacher. And while I take the call bracing myself for her to tell me he’s in trouble or sick, she’s actually calling each time to tell me something proactive about his studies or friendships. I love that she’s willing to take the time to keep me in the loop regarding my son. I feel like I always know what’s happening in the classroom, which is important to any parent.

His teacher is insightful and goes out of her way to help my son. Anytime my son’s teacher suggests an area he needs extra help, she also has a plan already in place. And instead of phoning it in and expecting the kids to catch on, she makes more work for herself by individualizing her teaching for each child’s strengths and weaknesses.

She is someone I’d want as a teacher. Seriously! 

My son loves going to school and it’s no wonder. He’s got a fabulous teacher making sure he succeeds. Now about that winning lotto ticket…

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