I Want to Shake Jenelle Evans for Smoking While Breastfeeing

“Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans has stirred up yet another rage on Twitter due to her parenting choices — this time to smoke cigarettes while breastfeeding her infant son Kaiser, according to a report on Yahoo Health.

I can’t help but fear for little Kaiser for a variety of reasons. According to recent studies at the University of Rochester, in Rochester, New York, smoking and breastfeeding raises the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), and the stimulant nicotine (found in cigarettes) can make babies so jittery they need neurological workups. I imagine Jenelle coming in from a smoke break stinking of nicotine and picking up her baby, pressing him into her smelly clothes for a little cuddle time. I doubt she’s brushing her teeth or washing up before going back to her mommy duties, because she just doesn’t strike me as a mom who would take those kind of precautions. 


To make matters worse, she even tweets pics of Nathan, her infant’s father, lounging on a recliner with a pack of cigarettes carelessly left on the floor, which is a danger to Jenelle’s first-born son Jace. (Jenelle doesn’t have custody of Jace, and apparently she plans to keep it that way, but the boy could get a hold of those cigs while visiting the couple.) Adding more fuel to the flame, Evans brags on Twitter about her unhealthy habit (“Smoking a cigarette outside!”) like a normal person might tweet It’s Taco Tues! #yum #fiesta. 

I am not a smoker. I’ve never even tried a yucky cig! I find cigarettes completely disgusting. Not only do they cause cancer (and I’m a Head and Neck Cancer survivor, not related to smoking) — but they stink, and make your teeth and fingers yellow. It’s even more revolting when you’re a mom and have children under your care, because you are putting their health and safety at risk.

Do we need more reasons not to smoke and breastfeed? The fact that cigarette smoking causes cancer should be enough but it’s not, huh. Becoming a parent changes everything, people. It should change your unhealthy habits, foremost to benefit your children, but hello: TO BENEFIT YOU! 

You need to stay healthy and fit for your children. You are all they have. 

Chime in, guys! 

Photo: Jenelle Evans via Instagram