5 Baby Products That Saved Me in the Middle of the Night

We all know that the first few months of parenthood include a lot of sleepless nights. Babies need to eat around the clock and having any kind of set schedule is practically impossible, besides knowing to feed, soothe, and change them. I was amazed by how well my sweet, tiny daughter would sleep during the morning, often lying curled up on my or my husband’s chest — but how she refused to sleep at all from 2 to 6 a.m. (when we needed to rest the most!). Going through our mental checklist of what could be wrong and how to comfort her was not easy in those dark hours when we could hardly think straight. We kept having to remind ourselves that 99 percent of the time her cries meant one of only four possible things: feed me, burp me, change me, or hold me. Once in a while there were other small issues, and I am infinitely grateful to friends and family who introduced me to a few key products I could not have survived without. Of course everyone has their own opinions and personal preferences but I hope by sharing what worked for me, you may benefit — and sleep a little better too!

Photo: PotteryBarn.com



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