Real Moms Confess: My Kid Is So Annoying!

It’s OK to admit it: Sometimes your kids really irritate you with their annoying habits. There’s no reason to hide it or deny it, because these real-life moms spilled their guts to me, selling out their children. Grab a coffee or glass of wine and have a read … knowing you’re not the only one with a kid that drives you crazy. 

1. My son pees everywhere. “If *Conner were 2 or even 4 it wouldn’t be so annoying and more expected, but he’s 7 and every single time he uses the toilet he pees everywhere. It’s like I have to go back to potty training and throw a fruit loop in the bowl to get him to aim and fire! And the worst is when he leaves the seat down and I unknowingly sit down and get all wet! The past couple of days I’ve ordered him back to the bathroom with an antibacterial cleaning wipe!” –Jackie, 34


2. My daughter always wants something. “Every time we walk into Target or the grocery store — which is basically every other day — my five-year-ol daughter thinks she’s getting something. She has her act and one-liner all set up. If we go to Target she goes with: ‘Can I get something from the dollar section? It’s just a dollar, mommy!’ And if we hit up the grocery for a last-minute rotisserie chicken dinner fix, she whines, ‘Can I pick out a new cereal?’ This is why I jump for joy on the weekends when I can shop alone!” –Tanya, 31

3. My kid eats off my plate. “I would never, ever deny my kid food and there’s always plenty to go around, but it makes my skin crawl when my 6-year-old makes a mad dash for a potato skin or piece of oiled up salad with his grubby fingers. Eat your own food and use a fork is something I say 712 during mealtimes. Everyday”. –Janelle, 29

4. My son harasses our puppy. “We have a 9-month-old lab puppy. He was a great addition to our family and is housebroken and mostly trained. I live for moments when Dax is chewing on a bone and my kids are playing quietly, but then all of a sudden my youngest pounces on  Dax like a mad cat and starts crawling all over him. He tugs on his ears and tail and yells in his face. And of course Dax reciprocates with a nip or paw to the cheek and then comes the tears. My house literally goes from 0 to 10 in a span of seconds.” –Paula, 39

5. My son wakes me up too early. “Fine, this is every parent’s general complaint, but hear me out for a second because my child wakes up when it’s still dark out. He wakes up at 4:45 am or 5:15 on a good weekday. I won’t even mention the weekends because that is just sad. Over and over I tell him, ‘It’s OK to wake up but play in your room—don’t wake me up.’ He never listens and as a result I’m jarred awake in an unnatural way and exhausted by noon. My husband tells me to suck it up, but he gets on the train for work by 5:45 am and it doesn’t affect him like, me. I think he secretly likes our little human alarm clock.” –Shawna, 29

6. There are open juice boxes everywhere. “Yes, I let my kids drink juice and serving it to them in boxes is just easier. But it really drives me crazy when I see four open boxes of juice in the fridge or one left in the car cup holder or on the coffee table. I just want my kids to drink their juice and recycle the box. And yes, I’ve collected remains of discarded juice boxes and added vodka for an end of the day cocktail (so at least I found a silver lining, right?).”–Joanne, 35

7. My child freaks out over Rainbow looming. “It’s awesome my kid has a time-consuming hobby that combines art and critical thinking/problem solving, but it is not cool when she can’t get the grain-of-rice-size clasp on or she messes up some coveted pattern she learned on YouTube. There are tears and an explosion of rainbow looms everywhere. I’ve actually had to confiscate the loom kit because I think it was giving her so much anxiety. It drives me nuts when my child takes a fun activity and makes it hard and dramatic.” –Lauren, 41

Come on, moms! Share something your kid does that drives you up a wall!

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