7 Reasons Summer Birthdays Rule When You’re a Kid

But every year my son chimes in saying he wants his party on his real birthday. “You know, that means some of your friends might not be able to come,” I always tell him. “Since it’s summer, they might be out of town.” But my son doesn’t care. To him it’s more important to have the party on his actual birthday than to postpone it for a bigger crowd.

As I’m thinking about his birthday party this year, it has occurred to me that maybe having fewer people aren’t isn’t such a bad thing. In fact, summer birthdays are great for lots of reasons, like:

1. You don’t have to invite the whole class. The guest list adds up fast. But if school’s out, there’s no need to worry that a kid in the class who went to the party will blab about it to those who weren’t invited.

2. It’s definitely not going to snow.  In most parts of the country, those celebrating winter and spring birthdays have to worry about a snowstorm. That means they can’t plan an outdoor party. (And then there’s the matter of a blizzard making it so guests can’t even get to the party.)  But if you have a summer birthday, you can leave that parka at home. 

3. You might get more gifts to help make up for the fact that some of your best friends won’t be around to celebrate with you.

4.  …as well as two parties. Once school’s back in session you might get a second party with your class (and it could include cupcakes and pizza).

5. There will be cake and ice cream, not just cake. While every other time of the year parties end with a cake, a summer party isn’t a party without ice cream. It’s the ultimate treat for beating the heat!

6: There are more places to have your party. From the beach to that bounce house place, the world is your party planning oyster. In the summer, you’re not limited by anything when it comes to where to have your party (er, as long as the heat doesn’t bother you).

7. You definitely won’t have to go to school on your birthday. Those poor fall, winter, and spring babies! Unless they score with a weekend birthday, they’re spending their big day in the classroom. But since school’s out for the summer, you get to celebrate your birthday homework-free.

So see, having a summer birthday isn’t so bad after all. And it’s definitely better than having a winter birthday when mom and dad always try to make your presents holiday/birthday presents. Now that’s a bummer!

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