Mommy Time 6/13: Texting Biggest Danger to Teens, Yet Another School Shooting & More


We get it: You've got lots going on! So, in our Friday News Flash column, we compile the week's juiciest stories to save you time each week — and fill you in:

CDC: Teen Smoking, Sex Down, Texting Biggest New Danger (

School Shooting Is 74th Since Newtown (Newser)

Give Your Kids Your Undivided Attention — or None at All (Motherlode, The New York Times)

Little Boy Meets Baby Sister for the First Time & Has a Hilarious Question (

Mom Forgives Her Daughter's Killer & Helps Him Stay Out of Prison (The Stir)

Twin Boys Surgically Separated Head Home (

"Autism Speaks" — But Should We Listen? (The Daily Beast)

More Top Headlines:

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Lil' Kim Gives Birth, Announces Daughter's Name

Christina Aguilera's Second Pregnancy "Very Easy"

Divorce Increases Your Child's Risk for Obesity