My Thwarted Attempt to Resist the Elf on the Shelf

For years, I’ve resisted the lure of the Elf that sits on the shelf. I looked aghast at Pinterest pins, Facebook status updates, and blog posts dedicated to the manic and ridiculously creative antics various red dressed elves find themselves in. From marshmallow bubble baths with Barbie, snow angles in sugar, and the ever popular zip line across the living room, I’ve shaken my head and wondered if Christmas wasn’t already hectic enough without adding this to the play list. The idea that in addition to remembering to feed my children, I’d have to make a mess and then clean it up on behalf of an Elf made me want to hide under my desk with the Christmas fudge.

Last year, my sister, most likely feeling sorry for my children, gifted us an Elf on a Shelf. I stuck it in the Christmas box and didn’t give it another thought except for a vague, “Was that a dream?” thought in October when I saw him make his comeback on store shelves. Then I opened the box and there he was in all his glory.


Bob the Elf.

My kids excitedly read the story, cautioning me not to touch Bob because his magic would wear off. We set poor ol’ Bob on a shelf and then, late last night, I realized the kids expected him to move or do something.

So, I lowered him a shelf.

Because I’ve decided Bob is a mellow dude. He’s not going to get into mischief because really, would Santa’s elves misbehave that much? Not this one. Bob is going to chill and maybe give the kids a thumbs up on occasion.

Do you have an Elf on the Shelf or are you still Elf-free?