Breaking Bad Habits

I have a handful of bad habits I find difficult to break. I bite my nails. I procrastinate. I neglect my laundry until it threatens to take over the house. I over analyze most situations until in my head they build up to ridiculous proportions. (This is why I'm convinced I'm being stalked by a serial killer who is just biding his time.) Like phobias, I know these bad habits can manifest themselves in my children. Which means, I'm trying to break my bad habits.

The thing with bad habits you've had for over three decades is they're awfully difficult to break.

I thought I'd start simple:

I'd start by stopping biting my nails. Simple enough, right?

I patted myself on the back after my first week of no nibbling telling myself I was breaking two bad habits with one stone. After all, I didn't procrastinate starting my new No Nails in Mouth way of life. As with most things, I was honest with the kids. I told them biting my nails was a bad habit and I wanted to stop.

They encouraged. Elizabeth offered to paint my nails. Who can say no to a four-year-old with her own nail dryer and polish sets?

Joseph patted me on the back and told me he had bad habits he wanted to break too and we could do it together. For the record, he's doing great with his "bad habit".

As for me, My nails are slowly growing out. Maybe I'll tackle the next habit. Or maybe I'll wait until the laundry really is tall enough to ski down.

Do you have any bad habits to break?