Lazy Day

“What do you guys want to do for Labor Day? We could go to the beach or maybe the Barn? Or do you want to go see a movie?” My mind raced through various options to allow us to get the most out of our three day weekend.


“Can we maybe just stay home?” Joseph asked.


“I’d like to just relax,” Elizabeth agreed from her position on the couch.

“Not even a bike ride or maybe go to the pool?”

“We haven’t had a Home Day in a long time,” Joseph explained, leaning back against the cushions. “I think it would be fun to relax at home and not do anything.”

“Can I at least fill up the pool?”

Both kids nodded.

“Do you want me to organize a play date?”

I watched them think about it, realizing the very fact that my social butterflies had to consider having friends over might be a bigger indicator that they needed some down time than anything they said.

“Can we play it by ear?” Joseph asked finally.

“Of course,” I agreed. “We won’t make any plans. We’ll just wake up and not worry about anything for the day.”

Both of them smiled in relief. I suppose between a week long trip, back to school activities, supper club, Lego fest, road trips, and supper club, they’re as tired as I am. After the rush of August, it might be nice to start September out slow. After all, we’re only a couple short months away from the chaos of the holidays.

How do you know when it’s time to pull back on the activity level?