First Day of School

First Day of School Traditions

Though I draw the line at half birthdays.

Still, for the first day of school, I have our family traditions firmly in place. It’s taken me a couple years, and I’ve lost a few along the way, but the ones that remain are simple, inexpensive, and most likely to be tossed to the curb long before high school.

1. Breakfast of Champions: I always take the morning off so I can prepare a special breakfast. Some years it’s donuts and fresh squeezed orange juice. Some years it’s sausage and eggs. Some years it’s monkey bread. This year, by special request, it’s banana muffins.

2. Royal Student: This is one of those things I sort of wish I’d never started and now can’t quite seem to let go. During breakfast on the first day of school, the little scholar is adorned with a paper crown befitting King or Queen of the Day status.

3. Lunchtime Love: I wish I could say that I write a note every morning to tuck into lunchboxes. And I wish I could say that every lunch is filled with fun, delicious food guaranteed to keep my little students from trading for Oreos, but the truth is, I’m not that good. Except for on the first day of school.

4. After School Pick Up: As a working mom, I don’t often get to pick the kids up from school, but on the first day and the last day, I make sure I do. 

What are your first day of school traditions?

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