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A Little Help from Social Media

What can I say? Our Tooth Fairy gets us. Still, when Joseph swallowed his tooth while eating a bowl of lunchtime nachos, I wasn’t quite sure how to handle it.

So I did what moms today do. I went to Facebook and asked hundreds of my closest and brightest friends what they would do.

The answers made me giggle.

From assuring Joseph that the Tooth Fairy has a friend in the sanitation department to leaving money by the toilet, the answers were as creative and impressive as my closest and brightest friends are known to be. I was told to put glitter on his stomach—and promptly had my Motherhood Membership revoked when I confessed I don’t own glitter. I was told to have him leave a note, pictures of his gap tooth smile, or a letter notoraized by his sitter who witnessed the incident.

Thankfully, no one told me to wait for it to pass.

That would never have flown.

It reminded me yet again of the sunny side of mothering in the age of social media. Much ado has been made of the dark side of parenting by internet, but moments like this, when so many parents, grandparents, childless friends, aunts, uncles, teachers, and even teens rally behind something so light and silly, those are the moments when I see the sun.

And, for the record, he wrote a note apologizing for accidentally swallowing his tooth.

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