Short Shorts

I never realized how short shorts were until I became a parent to a daughter. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not a prude. Far from it. I rocked Daisy Dukes and micro minis in my day. Or back in the day, rather. But I was twenty-one and hoping some guy was looking. Now, I’m a mother who is trying to talk her three year old into wearing boy shorts even if they aren’t pink and purple just to keep her little bum covered.

Elizabeth is tall for her age. She’s in the 95th percentile for height and already has legs that go to her shoulders. Her shorts, however, are nowhere near her knees.

She walked across the grass the other day with shorts that looked to be two inches from her butt and a solid six inches from her knees. I asked her to do the fingertip test and her fingertips didn’t reach bare skin. I remember that test being used to ascertain whether or not shorts were appropriate for school. Now I’m wishing I could find Bermuda shorts because that’s still awfully short and even though she’s a little girl, it seems odd to see so much leg.

Maybe I’m turning into a prude after all.

What’s worse is that the shorts I buy her are amongst the “long” shorts in the stores. When shopping for my kid, I’m shocked to see there are shorts that look more like diaper covers and shorts that make Daisy Dukes look long. There are ruffles across the but and ruffles around the leg that only accentuate the fact that they don’t cover a thing.

I’ve lucked into a couple pairs of Bermuda shorts, but overall, I’m drawing a blank in finding appropriate clothing when shopping for my little girl. Where do you find longer shorts? Am I over-reacting? Am I imagining that shorts seem shorter now than they were when I was a kid?