Spring Break From Home

Up until last year, I hadn’t worked a spring break in about five years. Yes, I was spoiled. No, I didn’t take it for granted. And yes, it was amazing. Of course, this year, I’m once again working during spring break and am trying to control my envy as my Facebook page fills with pictures of adventures. So I decided to do an At-Home Spring Break with the kids.


Being at work until almost 5:00 really cramps the spring break style. Thankfully, it’s daylight longer and we live minutes from some gorgeous (and short) hiking trails. The kids and I are planning on taking advantage of the beautiful weather to do a couple evening hikes during the week of spring break.

Since everyone I work with will be gone for their own spring breaks, it’s a perfect time for the kids and I to do lunch. Their dad has agreed to drive them to my office so I can take them out for Thai or Greek and while away an hour during the day.

I’ve also decided to use a vacation day to give myself two three day weekends. We’re planning on taking a trip to the beach and spend the day eating ice cream and playing in the surf.

And while I know those two plans are nothing like the trips to Disneyland, camping, spring training, and Hawaii their friends are doing, I think with a little imagination and some planning, we’ll still manage to have an awesome spring break staycation from home.

What are you and your family doing for Spring Break?