Halloween on Pinterest

There's nothing like the holidays to make one realize how hopeless one is at homemade crafting goodness. Let me rephrase, there's nothing like Pinterest during the holidays to make one realize how hopeless one is period.


The kids and I spent a solid hour on Pinterest the other day looking for Halloween crafts. There were plenty to ooh and ahh over. Cupcakes made into bats, cand ycorn dotted pumpkins, mason jar everything, and candy corn martinis.

Oh. I mean. Um. Of course I didn't have the kids reading how to make candy corn infused vodka.

Every craft, every idea, was amazing. As you may already know, Pinterest was invented by Martha Stewart while she was high on crack. (I may have made that up, but you get the idea.) But the problem is, every time we see something wonderful and cool made out of trash around the house, we can't help but be inspired and attempt to make it on our own.

Most of the time, our efforts resemble something a four year old would make.

The rest of the time, we graduate to ten year olds.

And one time? Our results were better than the picture on Pinterest.

I do have to admit, though, we always have fun. Even when covered in glue and glitter and facing a row of crooked painted Mason jars.

Do you use Pinterest for inspiration and ideas? Have you ever successfully made something from the site?