Cool Mom Points

I won major Cool Mom points with Joseph yesterday. I bought him erasers.

Would that he’d always be so easy to please.

These were not simple orange erasers, however. These were Lego erasers in four brilliant primary colors. Even better, they are interactive with his mini figures. He’s thinking of sneaking a Lego Stormtrooper or Indiana Jones to school and I’m such a sucker for the emotional first day of school I might just let him. See what I mean about big time Cool Mom points?

Not to be outdone, his father then went out and bought him Lego shoes. Yes. Lego shoes. The treads of which will allow us to be able to track his grid-of-circle footprints anywhere. Not that I’m going to track him, but still, I had to begrudgingly admit, my ex got some Cool Dad points. Which is really unfair, if you think about it.

Dads rack up Cool Dad points like Kobe playing against a JV second stringer. Sugary cereals for breakfast, Lunchables in his lunch box, cookies for snack, and pizza for dinner can’t compete against oatmeal, peanut butter and jelly, carrot sticks, and grilled chicken. And that’s not even counting the Dad Rules of TV and video games versus the Mom Rules of reading and art projects.

You can see why I guard my Cool Mom Points jealously. I have so few.

What have you done lately to earn Cool Mom Points?

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