Choosing Sophie

So there’s this giraffe. We’ll call her Sophie. Mostly because that’s her name.


Anyone who has had a baby in the last decade will most likely know about Sophie. Cute and French and painted with organic dyes, she’s the crème de la crème of the baby toy.

When I had Joseph, I had not heard of Sophie. Then again, let’s face facts, I’m not particularly fashionable. I had to Google Havaianas after reading about them in a blog. Used in context, I assumed they were a shoe. Used out of context and I would have guessed a rum and lime drink. It makes sense, then, that when I was about to give birth the first time I had not heard of a $22 teething toy.

Fast forward to my second pregnancy. At that point, I’d more than heard of Sophie, I secretly coveted her. I researched her history, how she was made, who brought her to the States. But my innate cheapskate – the inner being who won’t let me spend more $45 on a pair of jeans – balked at the idea of buying her. So, poor Elizabeth missed out on the ultimate of all baby toys.

And believe me, from all accounts, it is the ultimate baby toy. Every Sophie toting baby loves her. Every Sophie toting mommy adores her. She’s a toy Audrey Tautou. Plus, she’s an affordable luxury.

Which is why I secretly – or not so secretly considering I’m writing about it on a blog – am envious of the fact that my sister’s second baby is getting Sophie.

It’s almost enough to make me want to do a bait and switch with Elizabeth’s strawberry teether and pretend she had Sophie all along.

What baby items do you covet?