Back to School Shopping

Back to school is gearing up and moms everywhere are planning celebrations as their children head to the classroom.


For the stay-at-home mom, school means a reprieve from eight weeks of all kids all day. For the working moms, school is a reprieve from the frantic – and expensive – summer camp/daycare scheduling nightmare. For all moms, there’s the sudden realization that we must now clothe our children in something other than raggedy tee shirts and old shorts. It’s time to start shopping for back to school clothes.

Last year, I had a strategy, picking up a few things each pay day until school started. Unfortunately, Joseph had a strategy too – wait until a week before school and then shoot up two sizes. This year, procrastination is my friend. I’m patiently waiting until this weekend – a mere three days before school starts – to buy his clothes. I dare him to have a growth spurt within three days.

And yes, I do realize, he’ll now have said growth spurt.

In three days.

Still, on the off chance he is able to still fit into his back to school clothes, I’m currently working on a list of what he might need. Here in sunny California, shorts rule the day and while I’d like to think he’d pair them with adorable plaid button up shirts and a trendy little fedora, I’m well aware it’s going to be tee shirts and shorts and a fight to get him into his sneakers.

I’m also well aware those sneakers are going to come home with holes in them from dragging them around the merry-go-round and swings within weeks of school starting.

Still, for a moment – while standing in the aisle at Target matching up adorable outfits – I’d like to think he’ll look like the little boys jumping across the ads. Which is probably why I bought him some rather adorable but completely impractical Vans.

What’s your back to school shopping strategy?

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