Oh to Be Fashionable!

I’ve always looked in wonder at those women who walk around wearing outfits that looks as if they were designed by a professional. Then again, I also look in wonder at those women who remember to do things

like wear jewelry and matching socks.


There must be a gene that I’m missing. A coordination chromosome, if you will.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not a complete mess, but I am somewhat monochomatic. For instance, today’s outfit consists of a blue maxi skirt, a blue and white patterned top, and a blue sweater. My blue necklace on a silver chain is my attempt at “jazzing up my outfit”.

Even all that blue is stepping out of my comfort zone. I’m usually a black, khaki and denim sort of gal.

I so wish I weren’t.

I wish I was like the consultant who showed up at work wearing a coral dress with a kelly green sweater and a gorgeous stone necklace in varying shades of green. A jade bracelet and heeled brown sandals completed her “look”.

How did she know to mix those two colors? And how did she know the necklace wouldn’t be “too much”? Is there a class she took in high school that wasn’t offered at my much smaller school?

Or what about the mom at Disneyland who wore an outfit that still, after months, stands out in my mind. Her blue striped tee, crisp jeans, cute dangly earrings, casual orange sweater, crazy patterned scarf, and cute “weekender” shoes made me stare.

Where and how do women learn to do that? Can someone teach me?