We’ve been having one of those months. You know the kind.


The days rush by in a frenzy while your brain melts and your body aches from exhaustion and you wonder, dimly, if it’s really only the second week because if feels like the fourth.

Please tell me I’m not the only one to have one of those months.

We have the never ending tee ball, a birthday party and bridal shower to plan and throw, a Supper Club meeting, a Garden Group meeting, and, just for fun, things like Open Houses and PTA meetings.

Where I can pretend that I’m as involved as all the other moms while wondering how the hell they find the time.

The thing is, I never intended for my life to get this out of control busy. Honestly, I’m somewhat lazy. Kind of. I prefer long, lazy days at home while the kids play and I read. I prefer buying a box of cookies and making the cocoa from scratch. I long to spend hours in my garden, basking in the sunlight and reveling in the quiet – or nearly quiet – of two kids building with their blocks.

But life interferes and until I find that missing lottery ticket, I’m afraid I need to pretend to be a whirlwind.

Do you ever feel life is getting too busy? How do you let go of a few things with everything appears necessary?