Girl Time

Last Friday, I didn’t work. With my last day at my old job on Thursday and the first day of my new job on Monday, I found myself, for a single day, unemployed.


Deliciously so.

I decided it was time for Elizabeth and I to have a little girl time.

Sweet little E loves girl time. I usually tell her a day or two before. She gets so excited she has a hard time sleeping, but I love the way she claps her hands and counts down the days. On this particular morning, her dad dropped Joseph off at school and then her off with me.

First things first, we had to decide on outfits. Elizabeth loves to match Mommy, so we came up with an ensemble perfect for a trip to Starbucks. She donned her sunglasses and threw her purse over her arm while I did the same. Out to the car we went, two ladies with a morning of leisure planned.

We walked into Starbucks and perused the baked goods. It was a tough choice but she finally decided on a hot cocoa and a blueberry muffin while I went for tea and a scone. We put her name on our orders and settled at a table for coffee talk.

Even though neither of us was drinking coffee.

Friends came in and chatted with us for a bit, ladies ooh’d and aww’d over her outfit and what a big girl she was, pastries were eaten, and books were read. After we decided we’d had enough coffee talk, we got back in the car to spend the rest of the morning listening to Adele while painting our nails.

What sort of things do you like to do when you get to spend a little solo time with your child?