Eleven Rules of Life for Small Boys

Not so long ago, a member of our family may or may not have swallowed a Lego and scared the pants off the rest of us.

This led us to a family discussion of “good rules to live by,” (the one most on our minds, “Legos are for building, not eating,” was tactfully left off the list to save the feelings of the embarrassed family member). Here are eleven other helpful rules of thumb, according to my four- and five- year old boys:

1. When you go camping, always stay with the group.

2. If you find something and it looks lost, bring it to the Lost and Found. If it doesn’t look lost, keep it.

3. People are more important than things.

4. Leggings are not pants.

5. If you see something awesome at the store, freak out and tell Mommy you want it for Christmas.

6. If you are nice to Mommy, Mommy will be nice to you.

7. Always ask first if you want to pet someone’s dog.

8. When you pee in the potty, you get a sticker, except if you’re a grown up.

9. Use your words and don’t hit your friends.

10. You get what you get and you don’t get upset; and,

11. Never put chicken nuggets in your eye.

What wise rules do you and your family live by?

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