Top Seven Reasons Why You Need A Date Night

Let’s face it. When you have babies and toddlers in the house, finding time to go on a date with your own husband takes nothing short of a military operation to organize.


 Not to mention, it might also require an intervention from a fairy godmother and some magical mice to keep you up past 7:30 pm. But, even if it’s not top on your priority list, you and your man clearly deserve some time alone.  Do yourself a favor and get a babysitter. Stat. Trust me. Once you are out of those peanut butter covered sweatpants, you’ll feel human again. Well mostly.

1.       Because it’s not a good sign when you and your husband’s primary form of communication is Facebook messages.

2.       Because those slinky, black knee-high boots your sister gave you last Christmas aren’t going to wear themselves.

3.       Because you can’t remember the last time you ate a meal that didn’t end with smushed peas in your hair.

4.       Because even in stained sweatpants, a wife beater and a nursing bra, your husband still thinks you are the sexiest woman alive.

5.       Because cuddling on the couch while your children pelt you with gummy bears and attempt to pry you apart with their Bob the Builder crowbar does not count as a date.

6.       Because the last time you shaved your underarms was during the Reagan Administration.

7.       Because it’s still worth it even if you spend your entire date talking about how much you miss your gummy bear-flinging, peanut butter-staining, cuddly adorable monsters.