Fall Family Fun Activities

5 Fun Fall Activities for Families

For many families across the country, the fall weather is anticipated, welcomed and embraced. A break from the higher temperatures and humidity means that families can get back to enjoying the great outdoors, without the scorching sun and the opportunity for fall activities can be a nice change.

The fall provides some unique opportunities to get hands on with nature and really enjoy all it has to offer. Here are 5 of my all-time favorite fall activities for families.

Apple Picking

Apple picking is an amazing family adventure. Visiting an apple orchard is an experience, but picking the apples is just the beginning of the family fun. Once your family has picked their share of the harvest, head home and use those apples wisely! Children will enjoy making apple pies, homemade applesauce, and doing art projects with the apples, like using halved apples to paint.

Harvesting Leaves

While jumping into a pile of leaves can to be fun for all ages, there are many more neat things families can do with the leaf pile they gather. Children can enjoy creating all sorts of art from the leaves; from leaf rubbings to placements (arrange the leaves on the sticky side of a rectangular piece of contact paper and top with a second rectangular piece, sticky side down).  They can enjoy learning activities like counting leaves and grouping them into colors, and they can even enjoy pretend play by using leaves as play money, handheld fans and more.

Animal Adventures

The fall provides the perfect backdrop for visiting a local farm or zoo. The foul barnyard smells seem much more bearable when the weather is nice. Some farms may even offer hayrides and other fun fall themed activities for the kids.

Have a Harvest Party

Consider hosting a harvest party for family and friends. Have traditional harvest games and activities like bobbing for apples and scarecrow building. Serve seasonal favorites like apple cider and pumpkin pie.

Host the Family Football Playoffs

Playing is much more fun than watching! Split the family up into teams and have the flag football playoffs. Have nightly games and get everyone involved. In addition to having fun, you’ll get the family off the couch and moving. If you’re lucky, you’ll even wear everyone out enough to get a solid night’s sleep.

The fall weather is perfect for having outdoor family fun. Be sure to get out and take advantage of all fall has to offer.

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