Too Shy to Breastfeed

Is Your Shyness Keeping You From Breastfeeding?

602 mother with babies between 6 months to a year old participated and those who suffered from anxiety or referred to themselves as “introverted” were more likely to bottlefeed or only breastfeed for a short period of time. Anxious mothers said they felt shy about breastfeeding in public and said they felt a lack of support.

According to Dr. Brown the important message to draw ffrom the study’s conclusion is that some mothers may be facing challenges with breastfeeding based on their personalities. She said,  “Although they may want to breastfeed, more introverted or anxious mothers may need further support in boosting their confidence and learning about how to solve problems. They may need encouragement to make sure they access the breastfeeding support services that are available.”


Dr. Brown suggests that if health professionals can understand that a mom’s character may have an impact on breastfeeding choices, then they may able to better target their support.

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