Paris Hilton attends the 2023 GQ Men Of The Year at Bar Marmont on November 16, 2023 in Los Angeles, California.
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Paris Hilton Addresses Comments on Her Son

Paris Hilton, business mogul and a mom of two kids has finally revealed why she did not hesitate to defend her 10-month-old son, Phoenix Barron, after people left rude comments on their photo.

While talking to People, the fashionista said her “mama bear instincts” came out when she read the harsh comments targeting her son’s appearance. She told the outlet, “Usually, I wouldn’t even dignify anything like that with a response, but I was just heartbroken that there are such cruel people in the world.”

Hilton was shocked that people could say such rude things to a baby. Her “mama bear” mode showed through when she noted that she didn’t mind people talking about her, but she didn’t want anyone speaking negatively about her children. Paris Hilton even sent a message to her son’s critics, saying she “feels sorry” for anyone who would bully a child online.

Despite all the hate, some people defended Phoenix amid the harsh commentary about his appearance. And Hilton was deeply moved by “messages from people saying how much they love Phoenix and how beautiful he is.”

Hilton could not thank them enough for loving and supporting her during her low point. She said, “Sticking up for me meant the world to me, and to have people looking out for Phoenix in that way, it meant a lot.” She continued to praise the fans who advised her not to pay heed to the “trolls.”

Paris Hilton Was Heartbroken Over the Negative Comments Under Her Son’s Photo

Paris Hilton’s son was first criticized for his looks when the 42-year-old posted pictures of Phoenix’s first trip to New York City. The photos, posted on October 19, 2023, went viral quickly. At the time, Barron was only eight months old. 

A TikTok user pointed out the negative response the post received, which made Hilton bash the haters, saying that her “angel is perfectly healthy” and “just has a large brain.”

Hilton expressed that the public’s response has “deeply” hurt her. On her Instagram story, she wrote, “This hurts my heart more deeply than words can describe. I’ve worked hard to cultivate an environment that is all about love, respect, and acceptance, and I expect the same in return.”

Last week, Hilton took to Instagram again on Thanksgiving Day to announce a piece of happy news: the arrival of her second child with husband Carter Reum, a baby girl named London. 

Speaking about her “mom era” on Today, Hilton said that her daughter “is just a little angel and my life just feels so complete with my little baby boy and my baby girl. We’re just over the moon.”

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