Comedian Dex Carvey performs during his appearance at Flappers Comedy Club And Restaurant Burbank on February 18, 2022 in Burbank, California.
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Dana Carvey’s Son Dies of Accidental Overdose

On November 16, 2023, former “Saturday Night Live” star Dana Carvey took to Instagram to announce the passing of his son, Dex Carvey, due to an accidental drug overdose. The stand-up comedian later shared two more pictures of his late son, one of them being of the duo working together, recalling it had been “a joy.”

The Instagram post was a joint statement with his wife, Paula Zwagerman. Carvey noted that the family suffered a “terrible tragedy,” stating that his son “packed a lot” into his 32 years.


Carvey noted that “Dex loved life” and his “family, friends, and girlfriend, Kaylee.” The couple gave a special shoutout to his handmade birthday cards that they will treasure, exclaiming that they will “miss him forever.”

Per the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner, Dana Carvey’s son passed away on Wednesday at his home due to a drug overdose (via USA Today). In the joint statement, the couple added, “To anyone struggling with addiction or who loves someone struggling with addiction, you are in our hearts and prayers.”

Fans were devastated to hear the news, extending their condolences to the couple. Comedians Chris Kattan, Kenan Thompson, Molly Shannon, and Darrell Hammond commented under the Instagram post, with Shannon offering her “deepest sympathy” to the family as they face this devastating loss.

Who was Dex Carvey, son of “Saturday Night Live” star Dana Carvey?

Dana Carvey’s son, Dex Carvey, was also a comedian, having starred in his father’s stand-up special “Dana Carvey: Straight White Male, 60.” He appeared as a warm-up comedian along with his younger brother, Thomas Carvey.

Besides the 2016 production, he starred in “The Funster” and “Beyond the Comics” alongside Dana Carvey. Dex also founded the Third Wheel Comedy Club, located in Los Angeles, hosting “live stand-up seven nights a week,” according to its website.

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