Elf on the Shelf Does Kama Sutra!

Y’all, we’ve done it. We’ve finally crossed the line … and it is amazing.

So, to catch you guys up, we were sitting around the office one day and got to wondering about the Kama Sutra. Simultaneously, we were thinking about the Elf on the Shelf (because, you know, those two go hand in hand). Anyway, being the little weirdoes that we are, we decided to throw them in the same pot and see what came out.


We picked our favorite moves from the Kama Sutra, got male and female Elves, and went to town. Of course, to shoot this series, we had to leave some major psychological scars on our photo editor, but it was worth it! (Sorry, Mary Rose.) From the Ape to the Plow to the Catherine Wheel, we’ve got them all. And we are hell-bent on ruining your childhoods in the process. Not because we don’t love you and want you to have a lovely holiday season, but mainly because … well, it’s like climbing Everest. It was there, and we couldn’t ignore it. We had to take these odd little photos and send our photo editor to therapy as a result.

1_catherine_wheel (1)

1. The Catherine Wheel

Hot damn.


2. The Dolphin



3. The Erotic V

How do you…?

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