Should You Tell Your Spouse Who’s on Your ‘Freebie List’?

Do you or your spouse have a freebie list? You know, those 5 celebrities that you’re allowed to have sex with — and not have it considered as cheating on your significant other (the concept was made popular on “Friends”).

During a recent girls night out dinner, the topic came up in conversation. Our freebie lists dominated the rest of the conversation. We shared our lists, while I attempted to come up with a few names on the fly. I’ve never made an official list.  We teased each other about some questionable(to us) folks on our lists, but the teasing was all in good fun. Surprisingly, not everyone on my girlfriends’ lists are sexy by traditional standards. We chose celebrities based on looks, brains, even on sense of humor. They didn’t need all three.


Everyone’s taste in men was different, but the five of us all agreed on one person: Sean Connery. He is like fine wine. There’d be no hesitation if we had the opportunity to get naked with him. Plus that British accent!

Even though my husband had a celebrity girlfriend, we’ve never really discussed which stars we’d like to roll in the sheets with. He knows about my obsession with Neil Patrick Harris, but to discuss sexual escapades with a celebrity? It never came up.

So I called my husband at work and put him on the spot.

“Um, I have to give you names right now?”

First we set some ground rules: Does it have to be a member of the opposite sex. Does he/she have to be straight?

Those are important questions since we’re only allowed 5 celebrities.

I think part of his hesitation (besides that I sprung the question on him at work) is that he’s worried about how I’ll judge him by his list. I felt the same way during the dinner with my girlfriends. In fact, when I brought up Criminal Minds’ Shemar Moore, a friends scoffed. What can I say? He’s pretty to look at–that six pack! I still stand by my choice to put him on my freebie list.

Sharing my freebie list with my husband was a fun conversation starter. After 12 years of marriage, it’s interesting to see how our tastes in celebrities have changed. A few years ago, Sarah Michelle Gellar was on top of my husband’s list. Now he’s got Stalker’s Maggie Q and Bones’ Michaela Conlin.

As for me, Sean Connery is definitely on my list, but I got a big crush on Neil Patrick Harris too. I’ve got a huge girl crush on Top Chef’s Padma Lakschmi. A woman who’s gorgeous, funny,and loves to eat good food? Hell yeah.

Who’s on your freebie list?