Ever Get Suspicious When Your Husband Is Too Nice?

Chris and I live together and work together in an 800-square-foot apartment (with a preschooler). So we’re together a lot–and, lately the super close proximity and constant togetherness means we’ve been getting on each other’s nerves much more than usual. We love each other, but we’ve been snapping at each other more than I care to admit.

I especially annoy Chris. He worked from home long before I did, and I get the sense that he feels like I’m intruding. It used to be that he could work however he wanted to all day long–and now he has to change his ways so that I can get my work done too. No more rocking out to music on full blast, that music grates my nerves. No more having a friend over for a late afternoon beer; I work full-time and can’t host happy hour in the middle of my edit meeting. No more privacy, we can see each other from our work spaces. I’ve disrupted his daytime mojo.


So I got pretty suspicious last week when he suddenly became super sweet, doing all kinds of things that usually annoy him: Letting me take as many naps as I wanted (I’m 14 weeks pregnant and this baby is still wiping me out) while he takes on Mason (our three-year-old) duty alone. Making late-night runs for frozen yogurt or popcorn or pears. Rubbing my back endlessly. And the kicker: hiring a babysitter and making dinner reservations for Valentine’s Day (the first time he’s ever hired a babysitter).

What did you do? I finally demanded. You’re being so nice. It’s weird!

Can’t I just be nice to my wife? he replied.

Yeah, but this is over-the-top. Are you cheating on me?

OK, so here I got a little crazy, but I couldn’t help it. I don’t honestly think he would cheat. But c’mon! Why was he being so incredibly sweet after weeks of being such an a*s (love you babe)?

Chris finally admitted that he was just trying to be a better husband. He knew he had been irritable and he was trying to make it up to me. I appreciated his honestly…and finally let the issue go. Might as well enjoy this sugary sweetness while it lasts!

Have you ever been suspicious of your partner’s ultra-sweet behavior?