Genius Mom Shuts Off The WiFi Every Time Her Husband Goes to the Bathroom

One mom has Reddit exploding with comments over her solution to getting her husband to stop hiding in the bathroom with his phone to watch YouTube every time their twin babies cry. She shut off the WiFi.

“I would rather let him use the restroom first than have to put down a baby mid-task, but over the past couple months, he has been spending more and more time in there,” the Reddit user known as FinalWintersEve wrote. “He always takes his phone. He is always watching youtube. His average session is 25 minutes in there, often longer, rarely shorter.”

She explains in her post that together, they are on maternity/paternity leave so that they can care for their twins who are less than a year old. She says that her husband has some medical issues that require regular trips to the bathroom for long periods of time but that even their doctor thinks hs extended YouTube trips are a bit much.

To make sure that her feelings of unfairness were legit, she started to track how much time her husband spends in the bathroom and even noted what domestic duties he was missing out on. It didn’t tale long for her to see in black and white that she is handling 80% of the labor in raising little people. And that’s when she decided that enough was enough.

AITA for turning off the wifi when my husband camps in the bathroom for extended lengths of time. from AmItheAsshole

“Today I started a new rule. If he is in the bathroom for more than 10 minutes, I flip the wifi off,” FinalWintersEve wrote. “He has not spent more than 15 minutes in the bathroom at a stretch today but is extremely upset. I feel like the fact that without the wifi his uncontrollable toilet issue cleared up rather quickly proves why it needs to be done, but he feels I am being unreasonable, and I need to make sure sleep deprivation isn’t making me an asshole.”

Her post, which was published nine days ago has attracted more than 25K reactions and 4.5K comments. Not only was she officially judged as “Not the A-Hole” in the famous thread, Am I the A-Hole, but the moderators actually locked the thread preventing people from commenting further. It’s that intense of a conversation.

Look, parenting is hard, I get it. And it is true that couples raising kids together will almost never agree on who puts in the hardest work and long hours because in an ideal world they both do. But when this woman repeatedly tried to get her husband to step up, to discuss the problem, to address his mysterious medical issue, and he still was camping out in the bathroom to watch YouTube while she was changing diapers and soothing upset babies? She’s definitely not the a-hole.

He is.

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